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Do you want to increase your skills?
Do you want to increase your income?
Do you want work with really motivated students?

         The information contain in

How to Teach TOEFL®, TOEIC® and IELTS®  
         can help you attain all these things.


	How you may ask?
	And why is teaching how to take a test important?
	      If you look in the newspaper in almost any major city in non-English 
                      speaking countries - you will see advertisements for instructors for 
	      the advanced standardized tests that non-native-speakers of English 
	      must take to be admitted to university programs in Western countries 
	      and often even to be admitted into English medium graduate-level 
	      programs in their own country.  

	      The most common of these tests are TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS.  This 
	      guide focuses on the those three major examinations and the skills 
	      needed to pass them, but if you follow the simple principles involved 
	      you can learn to teach almost any other type of standardized 
	      examination as well.

	Why such a demand for TOEFL and other test teachers?
	Aren't there plenty of EFL teachers out there - ready to go?

	                                        No, there aren't.
	      Few EFL teachers understand how to help their students maximize 
	      their performance.  Even fewer really understand how standardized 
	      tests really work and why - and this guide includes seven pages just 
	      on that issue - all written by an experienced EFL Teacher with a 
	      Master's degree in Education.

	      It's really not difficult and the manual also includes sections on teaching 
	      grammar, reading, writing and listening - so you can further help your 
	      students increase their scores.  In fact, the guide includes FREE 
	      downloadable grammar and writing books to help you and your students.
	How will this increase my income?
	      When scanning those advertisements - you'll also notice that 
	      examination teachers typically earn 50-100% MORE than teachers of 
	      conversation classes.
	What makes the students more motivated?
	      This type of teaching is far more satisfying than the typical conversation 
	      class that often has too many students and some of them obviously 
	      uninterested and unmotivated.  TOEFL students are MOTIVATED.  
	      They KNOW what they want and what they need to do - they just need 
	      your guidance along the way. 

So... get on board- improve your skills, 
increase your income, and
REALLY help some students improve their lives.

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