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Below is a list of the topics that are covered in this site. Just click on the link and go to that page. Each page will have examples of correct pronunciation of the topic chosen. 



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One of the reasons non-native speakers have problems understanding and pronouncing English is because of linking. Linking occurs when a word ends in a consonant and the following word starts with a vowel. The consonant sound is linked with the vowel when it is pronounced. For example in the phrase 'that's enough'-  the 's' in that's is linked to the 'e' in enough. and sounds like thats senough. Look and listen to the examples below. The linked letters are in bold and underlined. The first sentence will be with proper enunciation, and the second with linked enunciation.



  That's enough.

     (That's senough)


  Sit on an orange crate.

    (Sit ton nan norange crate.)


  Bring an apple and a book.

    (Bring gan napple and da book.)


  Now is a time for all of us to pack it in.

    (Now wis sa time for rall lof vus to pack kit tin)


  Lemons and oranges are not available in Autumn.

    (Lemons sand doranges are not tavailable in nautumn)



  A car is only as good as its'engine.     

    (A car ris sonly yas good das sits' sengine)













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